December Poetry Contest

From MAWP alum Cherita Banton:
     Poetry Contest will run every month

  1. General theme every month except months with major holidays (Sweetest Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas…)
  2. Any length and style
  3. No profanity, explicit images (Poems will be quickly discarded)
  4. Prize is publication on website w/ photo and bio for entire month (photo and bio not necessary to enter). Winner will also be featured on
  5. Enter on website by clicking and submitting poem or clicking email address
  6. Winner determined by panel of judges
  7. Winner is announced on website 1st of every month
  8. Submission Guidelines for December 2010:
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!To celebrate the Christmas Holiday, this month’s contest will include a $100 CASH PRIZE!!!!! The competition will be even tougher this month so prepare your very best! Submit a poem in honor of the Christmas Holiday. Ideas to get you started: What does Christmas mean to you?  What’s your favorite Christmas memory? If you could GET the perfect Christmas present, what would it be? If you could GIVE the perfect Christmas present, what would it be and who would you give it to? Please include your full name, city and state (names will be excluded for judging). Poems submitted without the correct information will not be judged. The winner will be featured for the entire month of December! Want your picture and bio included? Feel free to submit a jpeg photo of yourself and a 1-2 paragraph bio to go along side your poem. Remember, poems must be in honor of Christmas for this month. Any length and style will be accepted. All ages are encouraged to submit.  

    DEADLINE for submissions is Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 11:59 p.m. 
    The winning poem will appear on Wednesday, December 1st. Winner will be notified via email.

Have ideas for the January 2011 contest? Email to share your idea. Please put “January Contest” in the subject line. If your idea is selected, your name will be included in the contest details.  

(No submissions will be accepted for January until December 1, 2010)


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