Nominate an LA&S Faculty Member for an Excellence in Teaching Award

Each year, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Awards Committee selects three Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty members, from among a group nominated by students and faculty, to receive Excellence in Teaching Awards. The Award is granted by the Quality of Instruction Council and carries a monetary award. Winners are recognized at the Fall Convocation.

This is your opportunity to recognize a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty member who has significantly influenced your studies at DePaul—and through your nomination to have a direct effect on the quality of teaching in the College.

To nominate a faculty member, write a letter to the LA&S Awards Committee explaining why this faculty member should be considered for the award. In your letter, describe in detail the ways in which this faculty member excels as a teacher. You may submit a letter individually, or you may get together with other students and submit a joint letter. All nominating letters will remain confidential.

Faculty members eligible for consideration must have completed three full years of teaching at DePaul by Fall 2010 and must teach at least three degree-credit courses at DePaul during an academic year.

Nomination letters are due in the LA&S Dean’s Office, 990 West Fullerton, Suite 4200, Chicago IL 60614, by Monday, February 7th, 2011. You may also e-mail your letters to Shajuan Young in the Dean’s Office at

Please feel free to contact Shajuan at 773.325.4161 if you have any questions.


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