Student News: M.A.E. and M.A.W.P. Students to Present at EGSA Conference

Twenty-two M.A.E. and M.A.W.P. students will present at the upcoming EGSA Spring Conference on Friday, April 15, 2011. Organized by Kimberly Anderson (M.A.E.), Steve Bogdaniec (M.A.W.P.), Heath Black (M.A.E.), Christopher Smith (M.A.W.P.), Brianna Tonner (M.A.W.P), and Angel Woods (M.A.W.P.), the conference features twelve panels of student presenters and a keynote address by Professor Hannah Pittard, author of The Fates Will Find Their Way.

Please join the English Department in congratulating the graduate student presenters, listed below:

  • Angela Ames (M.A.W.P.)
  • Kimberly Anderson (M.A.E.)
  • Steve Bogdaniec (M.A.W.P.)
  • Katelyn Cunningham (M.A.E.)
  • Jennifer Finstrom (M.A.W.P.)
  • Amanda Fowler (M.A.W.P.)
  • Trudie Gauerke (M.A.W.P.)
  • Laura Given (M.A.W.P.)
  • Enan Heneghan (M.A.E.)
  • Mike Hernandez (M.A.E.)
  • Mary Kitamura (M.A.E.)
  • Adam Kivel (M.A.E.)
  • Sabrina Rose Martin (M.A.E.)
  • Anne Newby (M.A.W.P.)
  • Andrea Pelose (M.A.W.P.)
  • Sam Piccone (M.A.W.P.)
  • Jessica Saltiel (M.A.E.)
  • Greg Shumaker (M.A.W.P.)
  • Alexander Stachniak (M.A.E.)
  • Brianna Tonner (M.A.E.)
  • Molly Tranberg (M.A.W.P.)
  • Angel Woods (M.A.W.P.)
  • Shane Zimmer (M.A.W.P.)

In the spirit of academic fellowship, please consider attending the event to support the presenters. The conference will be held from 1 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. in McGowen South (2325 N. Clifton Avenue on the Lincoln Park Campus). For more information on the event, please read this announcement.


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