English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)—Join Us!

Now, let’s face it: as graduate students, we are all pressed for time and there are never enough hours in the day to do everything that we hope to accomplish. However, when I look back on my time spent at DePaul, the moments I have filled with EGSA activities have always been worth it. How often is it that you can say that about a group that you are involved with?

EGSA is special because it is student-run and dedicated to enriching the experience of being a DePaul graduate student (we want everyone to have a wonderful time at DePaul). We have planned social and cultural outings like visits to museums, comedy clubs and bars (Halloween parties!) and have also held two successful conferences for students. This year’s conference was a wonderful affair with thirty-seven total participants, graduate and undergraduate students, who read pieces in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and literary criticism and theory. Please read Steve Bogdaniec’s post on the event for more details.

EGSA membership is open to all current students in the Master of Arts in English (MAE) and Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing (MAWP) at DePaul University. In the past, we have held meetings about once a month and also communicated with one another weekly via email to plan events. Thankfully, if you are really busy, but still want to help out in some way, there are many levels of participation. We need someone tech-savvy who would enjoy maintaining a website and Facebook page. We also need someone who enjoys being creative and wants to design advertisements or programs. There are many options, and we welcome anyone and everyone to join us.

That being said, if you would like to participate next year, we are having a general meeting this Sunday, May 22 in the Schmitt Academic Center (in the general student area). The group will be meeting at 8 pm to inform anyone interested on the joys of being an EGSA member and to discuss next year’s plans. If you are unable to attend and would like to hear more information about EGSA, feel free to email me at btonner@depaul.edu.

I hope you will join us!

Brianna Tonner


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