Two-Year College Teaching Certificate and Internship

Today’s post is important information about a great opportunity available to both MAE and MAWP students written by Certificate Program Director Dr. Carolyn Goffman.

Teaching in a two-year college can be an excellent part-time or temporary job; it can also be a great career. In this competitive market, it helps to have experience and knowledge of the world of the two-year college.

The Department of English at DePaul offers a Certificate Program in Two-Year College Teaching in English, which includes a semester-long internship. We also offer the opportunity to do a teaching internship without enrolling in the Certificate Program.

The Certificate Program requires four courses: Teaching Writing (WRD 540), Teaching Literature (ENG 474), an approved elective, and a semester-long internship working with an experienced instructor at an area community college (ENG 509). These courses are not “extra”; they may be built into your programs and will count both towards your Masters Degree and towards the Certificate. These courses provide an excellent theoretical and practical basis for your future teaching. Moreover, you gain confidence and expertise and learn how to present yourself as a job candidate in a community college system.

If your program of study is already advanced, or if scheduling conflicts prohibit you from taking all the Certificate courses, you may still apply to do the semester-long internship (ENG 509).

There will be an information session on two-year college teaching internships in October (date and time still to be announced). In the meantime, if you are interested or curious, the first step is to contact Dr. Carolyn Goffman ( and set up an appointment to talk about what program best fits your needs and to discuss when and where you might be able to intern.

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