Get Involved in EGSA!

Today’s post is a quick recap of the first 2011-2012 meeting of the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) which took place last Sunday. If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, it’s still not too late to get involved. E.G.S.A. is looking for lots more MAE and MAWP students to help plan and participate in lots of great social and cultural events!  From EGSA’s Trudie Gauerke:

Thank you to everyone who came to the EGSA informational meeting and the social at John Barleycorn last Sunday. Are you interested in EGSA but were unable to attend? It’s not too late to get involved. Here are some of the plans and potential events we discussed:

*The Third Annual English Graduate Student Writing Conference to take place this spring. We are currently in the process of confirming the date and forming the conference planning committee. The committee, which will be particularly active in the winter and spring quarters, will be responsible for reviewing student writing, planning panels and arranging for keynote address, event promotion, publishing conference proceedings, and much more.

*Social/Cultural Events

-Halloween Party: get your costume ready for our party on October 29 (location: tbd)

-organize or attend group poetry readings

-attend theatre/talkbacks

-charitable book drive for Open Books or other non-profit

-student book club

-MAE/MAWP alumni-student social

-literary themed film screenings (ex. Anonymous, The Raven)

If you have event ideas, are interested in helping with the conference or social committees, or have questions for EGSA, let us know via email to

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