Anthony Grafton at the Chicago Humanities Festival and Chicago Shakespeare Internships

The Chicago Humanities Festival is hosting an upcoming event with Anthony Grafton on the past, present, and future of the book. It will take place on Saturday, March 31 at 2pm at First United Methodist Church (77 West Washington Street).

Grafton, a distinguished writer, author, and professor of history at Princeton University, will be giving a lecture entitled, “The Book: Past, Present, and Future,” which the event page describes as:

“Many of us love a good cliffhanger, but today we find ourselves in a state of suspense about the book itself. What happens next for the beloved bound volume? Future generations may well live without books, consuming text on various electronic devices networked to infinitely large databases. Anthony Grafton, professor at Princeton University, is a leading historian of the book. Admired for definitive accounts of the libraries, book trade, and humanistic scholarship of the early modern period, he is best known to a larger public as the author of the bestseller The Footnote: A Curious History and as a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books.  In the age of the e-book, Grafton addresses the crux of the book’s future: are the coming days a techno-utopia, the entire library of world culture at our fingertips, or cause for anguish at the loss of the iconic artifact of learning?”

The venue for the event is very large (almost 1,000), which means that there is an unusually high number of available seats. So the Chicago Humanities Festival has decided to admit DePaul students free of charge. Simply show up at the venue with a valid student ID a half an hour before the start.


There are new internships available at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in Casting, Advancement, Education, and Marketing/PR. Applications are due on April 9th. Visit this link for complete internship descriptions and how to apply.


Happy Spring Break to all our current students! Ex Libris will be back on Monday, March 26th.


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