Spring PTS Awards, Student News, and More

Current MAE and MAWP students, check your email! The English Department is offering Partial Tuition Scholarships (PTS) to recognize outstanding academic achievement of students in its two graduate programs. Partial Tuition Scholarships provide a partial reimbursement for tuition paid for Spring 2012 graduate courses in English taken toward the MAE and MAWP degrees.

You are eligible to apply for a PTS award if:

  • You have already completed at least two English graduate courses toward your MAE or MAWP degree
  • You are enrolled in one or more English graduate classes for the current fall term
  • You have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.7 or higher
  • You are paying your own tuition and fees (without financial assistance from any grant or scholarship agency or employee reimbursement program–student loans are okay.)

Application forms have been emailed to all current MAE and MAWP students, and can also be found on your MAE or MAWP D2L page under “Content.” Completed applications as well as any questions or concerns should be sent to Jan Hickey at jhicke11@depaul.edu. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 20th.


In Student News: Congratulations to Andrea Pelose (MAWP) for getting a poem published in Burningword literary journal! Andrea wrote her poem, entitled “A Tired Performer in Another Half-Assed Season,” in Prof. David Welch’s Fall multi-genre course, Constraint and Restraint. You can read the poem for free here. Nice work, Andrea!


The Guild Literary Complex  is launching a new series, Teaching Artist Showcase, which explores the creative work of writing teachers. The first event will combine readings from two university professors, Bayo Ojikutu and S.L. Wisenberg, along with a brief Q&A about writing, teaching and learning. As a special addition to this launch event, there will be 18 open mic spots for students from Chicago’s various university creative writing programs. There can be up to 2 participants per school, and each participating student will be allotted 2 minutes. Work shared can be poetry, prose or theater. Please secure your spot with your department coordinator before it’s gone.

This event will take place on Wednesday, April 11th from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Experimental Station, 6100 S. Blackstone. Admission is free, and a university ID is needed for the contest. Click on the flyer for complete details.


Have you been keeping up with the DePaul Radio’s Student Writers Series? If not, you may want to hop over to their blog and check out several new episodes they have uploaded in the last few weeks, featuring DePaul student writers Jessica Olson, Meredith Boe, Sally Weigel, Bryan Kett and Jared Gerling. Information about submitting your work to the show is also available on the blog.


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