Photos from the EGSA Spring Conference 2012

If you were at the 2012 EGSA Spring Conference in April, you may have noticed a photographer wandering the conference and documenting some of the panels. That photographer was Ryan Jones of RJ Photography, and he has graciously sent us the photos he took of the conference to share with everyone in the program.




You can see a selection of the photos from the EGSA conference featuring DePaul English graduate students and professors throughout the day’s events on the DePaul English Graduate Programs Flickr page, in the set titledEGSA Spring Conference 2012.” You may download the photos from Flickr for your own personal use. For more information about RJ Photography, please visit



Once again, thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in the EGSA 2012 Spring Conference and made it a great success. Special thanks to the members of EGSA who volunteered so much of their time and energy to put it all together!


Have any pictures of your own of the 2012 EGSA Conference that you’d like to share with your fellow grad students on Flickr? Email them to Maria at


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