A Call for Bronzeville and Lincoln Square Writers

Anthology of Chicago is a, “Literary project collecting poems and stories that evoke the spirit of Chicago’s many neighborhoods, celebrating those neighborhoods and the writers that live, work, and play in them.” Over the past year, the project has regularly posted pieces from Hyde Park, Pilsen, and Logan Square.

Anthology of Chicago wants you to use your neighborhood as a sandbox and springboard. They are looking for writers to map a creative topography of stories, art, and photographs for a community. The project’s board believes that these intimate stories will give insight into the uniquely Chicago character of certain neighborhoods.

Submissions are currently open for Bronzeville and Lincoln Square. Rachel Hyman, organizer of the project, is looking to collect submissions by September 30th.  You don’t have to live in the neighborhood to submit something, but the piece should accurately reflect the community it is meant to represent.

Submit your pieces for free using the site’s submission system.

They accept submissions of poems and short stories (loosely defined), with a heavy preference for creative works. No memoirs, please. Submit no more than 5 poems and stories of no more than 7 pages. Please put all poems together in a single file. Unpublished pieces are preferred, but exceptions may be made.

Submit to Bronzeville     Submit to Lincoln Square


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