826Chi and Eater Chicago Opportunities


Coming in on cool northerly winds is a host of internship opportunities for graduates to explore.

Take a bite into the Eater Chicago with their internship opportunity. If whetting your palate isn’t something that interests you, lend your expertise to 826Chi and help fellow Chicagoans with reading and writing. If you receive one of the internship offers, you’ll need to register for ENG 509, the

Eater Chicago Internship

Eater Chicago is looking for some fresh meat, aka interns. Are you an eager person who happens to read Eater on a daily, or perhaps, obsessive basis? If so, this opportunity may be for you.

The Eater is looking for interns with journalism in their blood to join their team. Internship responsibilities may include, but not be limited to (a) attending long, boring meetings from which you’ll file entertaining and witty reports; (b) dashing to the scene of breaking news; and (c) undertaking onerous, potentially soul-crushing, research projects. Timing is flexible. Photo skills a plus. Interested persons should send an email to chicago@eater.com with a brief description of yourself, your interest in the gig and 2-3 writing samples (links OK). If we like what we see, we’ll get back to you quickly. Thanks.

Editor’s Note – This posting is quoted straight from Eater Chicago.


826CHI interns commit to between 15-20 hours per week of unpaid experience during one semester (fall: September-December, spring: January-June, summer: June-August), with the possibility of extension. Interns participate in all aspects of 826CHI; they support staff in administrative tasks, outreach projects, and events, and often have the opportunity to conduct individual projects based on the skills and interests of the intern as well as the needs of the organization.  The application deadline for the spring is Friday, November 29th, 2013 at 5pm. For questions about these positions, please email Kendra Curry, Director of Volunteer Services at Kendra@826chi.org.

826CHI is currently offering the following yearlong positions, and positions for fall 2013:


Programming interns work closely with the Director of Education and Program Coordinator on Field Trips, Workshops, After-School Tutoring and In-Schools, work with students on a regular basis, and support programmatic events, research and administration. Click here for full description.


The ideal Development intern is someone with a strong interest in telling the story of 826CHI in an effort to increase exposure within different Chicago communities to funders.  Click here for full description.


This position works closely with the Development and Executive Directors to develop innovative approaches messaging the mission and work of 826CHI within different national, regional, and local communities.  Click here for full description.

Volunteer and Outreach

The ideal Volunteer intern is someone with a strong interest in being a liaison for 826CHI in the greater Chicago community, as well and helping orchestrate a team of 400 active volunteers and welcoming new members to the organization. Click here for full description.


The ideal candidate is someone with a strong interest in student writing, design, and project coordination. The Publications intern supports the in-house and professional publication efforts across programming, including Workshops, In-Schools and After-School Tutoring chapbooks. The Publications intern also supports two larger professional projects, the Compendium, an annual anthology of student writing from across 826 programs, and one unique spring publication project. This position works closely with the Director of Education on each of these publications. Click here for full description.

Special Events

The ideal candidate is someone with a strong interest in supporting the planning, administration, and delivery of special events at 826CHI, including a formal gala, student book release celebrations, family gatherings, and volunteer appreciation events. Click here for full description.

Marketing and PR

The ideal marketing intern has a vested interest in applying his/her skills and experience towards devising strategies for the promotion of both the storefront and non-profit components of 826CHI. Click here for full description.

The EGSA Kickoff Drink Specials

The English Graduate Student Association is celebrating the new school year with cocktails and beer at John Barleycorn on September 27th. Come revel in the great literary tradition of Dylan Thomas, Dos Passos, and Hemingway while meeting like-minded graduate students looking to bring renewed passion to the EGSA. The event will kick off at 6:00 and go until 9:00 in the evening, and all are invited to attend.

We’ve set up a drink special for the event.  For $20 all graduates and faculty will be able to enjoy well liquor, domestic drafts, and wine to their heart’s content for three hours.



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