Amanda Fowler

Program: M. A. in Writing and Publishing

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications, and Scholarships:

  • Managing Editor at Wicker Park Press, Ltd. (March 2012 – present).
  • Intern at Academy Chicago Publishers (winter 2012).
  • Features writer at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. Several science writing articles published in newsletter, online, and on TribLocal (summer 2011 – present).
  • Presented four poems (“14 in 1999,” “The German Professor,” “City Symphony,” and “Country Nocturne”) at the 2011 E.G.S.A. Spring Conference, the latter two of which were published in the proceedings.
  • Presented six poems (“City Winter,” “Spring’s Insurgence,” “Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice,” “Tempest,” “Dad’s Coffee,” and “My Mother’s Quilt”) as well as a nonfiction essay (“What’s Your Beef?”) at the 2012 E.G.S.A. Spring Conference. All six poems were published in the proceedings.
  • Winner of a Spring 2012 PTS award.

Favorite Courses at DePaul: So many! I learned so much in all of them. My absolute favorites were “Writing Fiction” with Hannah Pittard, “Science Writing” with Professor Anton, “Memoir” with Professor Morano, and “Screenwriting” with Professor Bonansinga.

Post-graduation Plans: I will be working as a Marketing & Public Relations Specialist at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. My primary duties there will be to write news articles, patient stories, and other items about disability. I will also be involved with public speaking for disability awareness and outreach.

I also plan to continue working as Managing Editor for Wicker Park Press, Ltd. In addition, I will be doing freelance writing for YouSwoop, an advertising company.

And finally, I plan to continue working on the many projects I started in my classes at DePaul, most notably my memoir (from Professor Morano’s class), YA novel trilogy (from Professor Reid’s class), novella (from Professor Pittard’s class), and screenplay (from Professor Bonansinga’s class). I hope to publish as much as possible. I also hope to join at least one writing group—I’ll definitely miss the workshops, and all of our brilliant students and professors!

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