Greg Schumaker

Program: M.A. in Writing and Publishing

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications, and Scholarships: Read at the E.G.S.A. Conference two years in a row, partial tuition scholarship every quarter, got my Madonna essay and a review of Wolf Hall published online at CC2K, and–most importantly–I learned how to use semi-colons from Craig Sirles. Also, I survived Hugh Ingrasci’s Southern Fiction class last summer with my GPA intact. 

Favorite courses at DePaul: Mark Turcotte’s urban essay course, Michele Morano’s teaching creative writing course, and screenwriting with Jay Bonansinga

Post-graduation Plans: I’m continuing to work with DePaul’s very own Dr. Misty Johanson as the assistant research editor for The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education through May 2012. Also, I’m going up to my pool on the roof of my building and never coming down. Going to play catch-up on sending out stories, looking for jobs (preferably not at a bank), and training my dog to do more than sit and shake. I’m also going to petition President Obama to forgive my federal loans.


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