Molly Tranberg

Program: M.A. in Writing and Publishing

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications, and Scholarships:

  • Graduate Assistantship with the Department of English Graduate Programs
  • Ex Libris, the lovely website you are reading right now
  • Copyediting and Proofreading internship at Sourcebooks, Inc., summer 2010.
  • Fiction Editor of 2010 Threshold
  • Feature article titled “Prowling Owls Proves a Hoot” published in the April/May 2010 Michigan Audubon Society’s magazine, the Jack-Pine Warbler. This was written in Professor Ted Anton’s Science Writing course
  • Presented two nonfiction essays—titled, respectively, “Tails of a Dog Walker” and “A Quilt in Fourteen Blocks”—at the 2011 E.G.S.A. Spring Conference. Both were written in Professor Ted Anton’s Writing the Literature of Fact course
  • I have been a staff writer for since January. I write three articles per month on events, venues, restaurants, and things to do around Chicago.

Favorite Courses at DePaul: The “New” Journalism with Professor Sirles, Memoir with Professor Morano, and Science Writing with Professor Anton

Post-graduation Plans: I will be working at the University Center for Writing-based Learning in Summer Sessions I and II. During this time, I will continue to look for work in editing, writing, and proofreading. Over the summer, I will be attempting to read at least one hundred books (as I do each summer). The closest I’ve gotten (not including books I’ve read for work) is, I believe, somewhere in the forties. I will continue to work on the essays I have been revising in “The Art of Revision” with Professor Morano with the hopes of someday submitting them for publication.

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