Sabrina Martin

Program: M.A. in English

Accomplishments & Publications: Over the course of her time at DePaul, Sabrina was accepted into the 2011 EGSA Conference with an entry on Renaissance woman writer Catharine Burton, and the relation of the body to religious fasting. She taught English 102 through a Two-Year College Teaching Internship at Harold Washington College in the Spring 2011, and also passed the MAE Comprehensive exam with Distinction. Her thesis on William Blake’s Illuminated Printing and the Modern Editorial Process, under the direction of Drs. Richard Squibbs and John Shanahan was completed in June 2011; she received the Graduate Research Funding award for her travels in relation to this research. She was also elected the 2010-2011 English Graduate Student Representative for the English Department.

Read Sabrina’s articles for Ex Libris: here, here, here, and here.

Favorite courses at DePaul: Renaissance Women Writers with Paula McQuade, Angels and Devils in Medieval Literature with Nathan Breen, Writing Poetry with Richard Jones, History of the English Language with Craig Sirles

Post-graduation plans: While I held a full time job as an Office Manager at an architecture firm in Chicago during my studies, I am resigning from my current position and moving to New York City June 18th (immediately following the graduation ceremony!) to pursue executive administration in the Manhattan area, while also trying to obtain adjunct teaching positions at the surrounding community colleges. I will also be applying to NYU for the Fall of 2012 to pursue an M.F.A. in Poetry.

Also: I am going to run at least a half marathon in every state by the time I am 30. That means 7 races per year for the next 7 years (you can do the math on my age!)


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