Maria Hlohowskyj

Program: M. A. in Writing and Publishing

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications, and Scholarships:

  • Graduate Assistant for the English Graduate Programs during my time at DePaul, writing and editing Ex Libris
  • Co-chair of DePaul’s Spring English Conference in 2013, and presented my personal essay, “Knit your Own Home” –I also appeared on an episode of Scrawl Radio (Thanks, Tracey!) to promote the conference and read part of this essay
  • Summer internship with writer Eula Biss
  • Presented my short story, “Rubicon, IA,” at the EGSA Spring Conference in 2012
  • My one-act play, “Empty Orchestra,” was published in the 2011-2012 edition of Threshold
  • I was involved in organizing three off-campus student readings, and read my work at two of them. I was also a member of the Writer’s Guild and read at one of their Aloud! reading series events.

Favorite Courses at DePaul: I honestly did love all of my classes at DePaul and have a hard time picking favorites, but I did especially love Science Writing and Literature of Fact with Prof. Anton, Travel Writing with Prof. Morano, and Geography of Memory with Prof. Borich.

Post-graduation Plans: I’m still working my way through the job application process at the moment, but my “fun” plans are more concrete. This summer, I’ll be traveling to Kyrgyzstan for a few weeks with crochet designer and writer Dora Ohrenstein, where we’ll be doing lots of writing, research, and fiber arts. And in the following spring I’ll be getting married right here in beautiful Chicago. Hopefully between all that excitement, I’ll have time to read some books for fun for once, and revise all the great stuff I started at DePaul.

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