Mellissa Gyimah

Mellissa GyimahProgram: M. A. in Writing and Publishing

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications, and Scholarships:

  • Last year, March 2012, I did a reading for Guild Literary Complex in the Student Series, “In Ghana with Mother Dearest”
  • Nov 2012 I did a DePaul Student Series Reading, “Awkward Incidences”
  • Nov 2012 I was a top 10 finalist in the ISV (International Student Voice magazine) with over 700 applicants for my piece “In Ghana with Mother Dearest”
  • This year I got published in DePaul’s Threshold for my piece “Turkey and Stuffing”
  • Installed as a member of Phi Beta Delta for recognition of international excellence
  • Recipient of English Department Scholarship every quarter bar one
  • Recipient of Alex Kirstein Foreign student scholarship
  • Recipient of Kolnick academic enhancement fund
  • Won best mentor for two consecutive quarters in the International Student Peer Mentorship program

Favorite Courses at DePaul: Grammar for Teachers – Lauri Dietz, Stylistics – Craig Sirles, Travel Writing – Michele Morano, Multi-genre – Christine Sneed

Post-graduation Plans: Immediate one is to travel to California this summer and go Disneyland – Mickey Mouse is waiting for me! I also have a job prospect in NJ as an English teacher at a HS charter school, starting in August! YAY! WAAYYY down the line, I want to do a PHD in International Education. But getting married and living in a white-picket-fenced house with a dog named Milo would be nice, too. Throw in a kid or two, perhaps.

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