PTS Awards

Each quarter the MA programs in English and Writing and Publishing offer Partial Tuition Scholarships (PTS) to recognize outstanding academic achievement of students in the department’s two graduate programs in English. Partial Tuition Scholarships provide a partial reimbursement for tuition paid for up to two courses per quarter taken toward the MA in English or MA in Writing and Publishing degree. [NOTE: PTS awards can be applied only to courses needed for the MAE/MAWP degree.]

You are eligible to apply for up to two Partial Tuition Scholarship awards if:

  • You have already completed at least two courses in the MAE or MAWP
  • You are enrolled in one or more classes for the current term
  • You have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.7 or higher
  • You are paying your own tuition and fees (without financial assistance from any grant or scholarship agency or employee reimbursement program—student loans are okay.)

Please note that only graduate classes offered through the English department are eligible for PTS funding. Courses offered through other departments and courses over and above those needed for MAE/MAWP degree completion are not covered by these awards.

To apply for the Spring Quarter Partial Tuition Scholarship Award, download the application, save it as a Word document (.doc), complete the form, and then send as an attachment in an e-mail to Ms. Jan Hickey, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs in English, at

The deadline for applying for PTS awards for the 2012 Spring Quarter has passed. All requests for PTS awards must be made electronically, and they must be sent to Ms. Hickey via e-mail.

You will be notified of an award decision within ten days after the deadline.

If you have questions about Partial Tuition Scholarships or the application process, please e-mail Ms. Jan Hickey at