Certificate for Secondary Teaching

DePaul University’s School of Education offers approved programs for State of Illinois certification in 6-12 teaching. Students who complete the requirements for the Master of Arts in English may also apply to the School of Education for admission to the certification program. Please consult the Graduate Director in English, Dr. John Shanahan, and the English advisor in the School of Education, Dr. Chris Worthman, for specific information about application and admission to the program.

Requirements for certification include:

Pre-Teacher Candidate Courses (16 hours):
T&L 424 Introduction to Secondary Education
T&L 425 Professional Practice in Secondary Schools
SCG 406 Human Development and Learning: Secondary
SCG 025 Basic Technology Assessment (non-credit)

Choose one:
SCG 408 Education and the Social Order
SCG 409 Sociology of Education
SCG 411 Philosophy of Education

Advanced Teacher Candidate Courses (28 hours):
SCG 410 Intro to Research: Purposes, Issues and Methodologies
LSI 446 Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child
T&L 414 Literacy in the Secondary School (for English content area only)

Theory & Practice:
Students take 3 Theory & Practice courses in the teaching (content) area. (Prerequisites: T&L 424 and 425)

T&L 426 Teaching Writing
T&L 428 Teaching Literature
T&L 429 Teaching Young Adult Literature

Other requirements:

a. Evaluation of coursework in English Language Arts, conducted in consultation with English Content Advisor.
b. Certification and program requirements include tests in Basic Skills, Content Area (English Language Arts) and Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT).
c. Field experiences required in conjunction with courses.

Students in this program must apply for an advisor in the School of Education.