Thesis Binding Guidelines

Because the library is able to digitally archive students’ theses and dissertations, the Graduate Student Services Office will no longer offer binding services.  However, if directors wish to continue this tradition by offering services to their students, they can facilitate the binding process within their department.  Below is a list of local venders we have researched:

Smith Printing
PhD Book Binding
ProQuest- Psychology and Philosophy PhD students have the additional option of binding through ProQuest. Binding information and price listings can be found within the publishing agreement form.

The Graduate Student Services Office has never used the above venders, only HF (formally called Heckman) so unfortunately, we can’t vouch for them. You are free to continue working with HF but are encouraged to contact Nora Durkin if you’re considering this option.

The Graduate Student Services website now contains information that explains the process of electronically submitting theses and dissertations (under the thesis requirements and dissertation requirements links). This is extremely useful to students, faculty and staff.  You’ll notice two new forms are hyperlinked in the text:  Author Submission Agreement form and Abstract and Keyword form.  The Final Requirements form is also hyperlinked. Housing these forms on one page will make the process easier for both the student and his/her committee. 

Since the author submission form requires a signature, students must print and drop it off/mail it to Nora Durkin.  However, the abstract and keyword forms and the actual thesis/dissertation can be email to the  or  Students can certainly continue to mail or drop off their full packet of materials—whatever works!  Faculty should continue to inter-office the final requirements form to my attention.

E-submission is effective immediately.   Please instruct your students to follow the on-line instructions. The binding request form has been removed from the LA&S website.

Many more changes are under way for the Graduate Student Services website. Forms will soon be added, and they will explain everything from graduate assistantships to registering for an independent study course.   

If you should have any questions or concerns about the new e-submission process or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact Nora Durkin.