EGSA Spring Conference 2012

E.G.S.A. will be hosting its Third Annual Spring Conference on April 13th, 2012. The conference will feature student presentations of academic papers and creative work to fellow graduate students, faculty, and undergraduate students. The event will conclude with keynote speaker Mahmoud Saeed.

The E.G.S.A. Spring Conference 2012 will take place on the fourth floor of Arts & Letters Hall, located at 2315 N. Kenmore Ave. The schedule of events is as follows:

Session One (2:00-3:00)

Room 408- Poetry

  • Cameron Rizzardini- “Live from the Lakeshore”
  • Carly Hubbard- “The Coyote”
  • Elizabeth Kerper- “Saddest Things”
  • Jessica Olson- “Alluring”
  • Sam Piccone- The Tiger”  

Room 409-Fiction 1

  • Zachary Poelker–“Dirty Little Secret”
  • Angel Woods– “Morning, Noon, and Night”
  • Michael Ben Silva III–“The Animal Keeper”
  • Zachary Hill– “Code of Blackness”

Room 410- Fiction 2

  • Alexis Wigodsky- “Recognition”
  • Allegra Pusateri-“Only When the Lights are Out”
  • Ashley Bowcott- “A Fire Throughout”
  • Victor Alao- “The Judgement”

Session Two (3:15-4:15)

Room 404- Literary Criticism (Poetry)

  • Barbara Joyce- “Longing and Limitation and Elizabeth Bishop”   
  • Joanna Krynski- “minute and vast and clear”: The Revisioned World of Elizabeth Bishop
  • Lindsey Holden- “Aemilia Lanyer’s Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
  • Miranda Sanks- “Lanyer’s Description of a Female Eden Lost: An Analysis of Aemilia Laynyer’s Country-House Poem”

Room 408- Literary Criticism (Shakespeare)

  • Elizabeth Kerper- “Conflicting Love: Rivalry Between Antonio and Portia in the Merchant of Venice
  • Jessica Saltiel- “Soldiering and Suicide: The Dangerous Reading Habits of Septimus Smith”
  • Lauren Thompson- Macbeth Act V Scene 1: Stage History and Representations of Lady Macbeth”
  • Rebecca Pasternak- “Then and Then: Victorian Women Reading Shakespeare”

Room 409- Fiction

  • Andrea Pelose- “Perrault’s Home for Children in Need”
  • Annie Newby- “Baby Talk”
  • Jacob Sabolo- “Abomination”
  • Sahar Hussain- “My Pal, Saddam”

Room 410- Nonfiction

  • Ashley Bowcott- “Before You Go”
  • Rebecca Wills- “Notes from the Hospital”
  • Sam Piccone- “A Travel Guide for Shut-Ins and Recluses”
  • Zach Poelker- “Binge Drinking Life Cycle”

Session Three (4:30-5:30)       

Room 404- Literary Criticism (Ethics)

  • Anna Dron- “Hawthorne and Human Nature”
  • Christina E. John- “The Corrupted New World: A Comparison of Washington Irving’s Traits of Indian Character and John Winthorp’s A Model of Christian Charity”
  • Jack Harter- “Felix Volbein: Conceptions of Identity, Voided and False, in Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood

Room 408- Literary Criticism (Milton)

  • Julia Harding-“Justifying the Ways: The Kairos of Oratory and Pedagogy in Adam’s and Satan’s Conversations with Eve”
  • Meredith Silverman-“How to Read Milton’s God”
  • Michael Hernandez-“Prelapsarian Pygmalian: Complicating the Creation of Eve”

Room 409- Nonfiction

  • Alexis Wigodsky- “A Serious Study of Females and Relationships: Variations in Mating Rituals and Environmental Factors”
  • Allegra Pusateri- “Sketch of a Wayward Father”
  • Amanda Fowler- “What’s Your Beef?”
  • Angel Woods- “A Lesson About Detours”

Room 410- Poetry

  • Jennifer Finstrom- “Twin Story”
  • Rebecca Wills- “Bones”
  • Trudie Gauerke- “White Bread Goes Tanning”
  • Marie Pabelonio- “The Soloist”

Break (5:30-6:00) – Refreshments will be served

Session Four (6:00-7:00)

Room 404- Literary Criticism (Media)

  • Adam Kivel- “Hacking and Analyzing Coded Language in Interactive Electronic Literature”
  • Jennifer Finstrom- “Gods and Gadgets: Recognition and Estrangement in the Subgenres of Speculative Fiction”
  • Kevin Johnson- “The Remediation of Solaris

Room 408- Literary Criticism

  • Angela Ames- “How Could She Have Been So Deceived!”: Reading in Mansfield Park and Emma
  • Matthew Fledderjohann- In the Remains of Post-Apocalypse: Recognizing Endgame’s Revelation”
  • Michael Ben Silva III- “The Essential Gaudiness of Poetry:   On the Difficulties of Understanding and Reciting “The Emperor of Ice-Cream”
  • Rebecca Pasternak- “Play and Word Play: Fluid Language in William Wycherley’s The Country Wife

Room 409- Fiction

  • Katie Hunsberger- “If My Heart Was an Eggshell”
  • Maria Hlohowskyj- “Rubicon, IA”
  • Rebecca Wills- “Pete”  
  • Victor Alao- “The Devil Doesn’t Make Them Like That”

Room 410- Poetry

  • Amanda Fowler- “Season Sonnets & Portraits of My Family”
  • Joanna Krynski- “Vinegar”
  • Michael Pfau- “Morning Transit”
  • Quintin Collins- “For Peccola Breedlove: After Reading Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
  • Sam Willett- “Ripsaw”

Keynote Speaker (7:15)      

Mahmoud Saeed is an award-winning Iraqi writer from Mosul who came to the United States in 1999 and received political asylum after being imprisoned and tortured for his writing. Since that time, he has been living in Chicago. He has written more than 20 novels and short story collections and hundreds of articles. His latest book, The World Through the Eyes of Angels, was just translated into English and published by Syracuse University Press. His novel, Saddam City, was listed as one of the best novels of the last century by the New York Public Libraries. Recently, Saeed was chosen by Amnesty International as one of 37 writers to be featured in their anthology celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The collection was published in five nations and translated into more than 20 languages.

Please join E.G.S.A. and the English Department at this great event. All panels are free and open to the public, but donations of used books are being accepted to support Open Books Literacy Programs. If you have any questions, please contact


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